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  • $50 Monthly Pass ​​

    • $5 - Classes

    • $150 - E-NINJA

    • $10 - Nerf night


  • $15 - Obstacles (Drop-In/ Day Pass)

  • $15 - Classes 

  • $20 - Classes & Obstacles

  • $175 - E-NINJA (weekly day camp)

  • $15 - Nerf Night 

Open gym is at your own pace to practice and/ or train.  Open gym hours may vary.  See the schedule for typical times.  Check the calendar below for any modifications on a specific day if you are interested in scheduling a special event or birthday party.  

Ask Us About Group Rates!​  We would love to host a fundraiser for your school.  Give us a call or send an email for more information!

Step 1: Sign the Waiver (create a parent account, add child(ren)

Step 2: Choose Class/ Day/ or Time

Step 3: Schedule and Make Payment

Step 4: Read Rules

   Classes    Camps

$15.00 for a Day Pass;

$50.00 for a Monthly Membership

Obstacle time - come in, play/train, and go at your own pace.  Hours may vary, check the schedule. 

Check the SCHEDULE for any modifications on a specific day you may be interested (i.e. events/ birthday parties/ classes)

**RULES: You must wear closed-toe athletic shoes (no flips, crocs, boots, dress shoes, etc.)
**ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS 12 and under.  13 and over may be unaccompanied.

Class Sessions--$5.00 per class (members); $15.00 (nonmembers)  BECOME A MEMBER

5:30-6:30 pm - Kids Level 1  [Ages Approx. 5-12]

This is an introductory course introducing basic techniques for obstacles found in the gym.  An emphasis will be on training safely and using progressions to unlock new skills. Skill development in strength, agility, balance, and confidence through movement. (This is designed for all new participants and beginners.)

7:00-8:00 pm - Kids Level 2 [Ages Approx. 5-12]

This is a continuation of  Level 1 class.  We will work to refine the basic movements learned from our introductory Level 1 course and begin to combine multiple obstacles.  Students attending this course will need to have attended our Level 1 course to learn the rules of the gym and be able to successfully complete the necessary prerequisite skills.

Teens/Adults Level 2 [Ages Approx. 13+]

This is a class designed to push your limits from the use of obstacles.  We will be combining multiple obstacles together, focusing on new skills as well as refining previously learned skills.  Students will be improving their functional strength, grip strength, leg power, endurance and mental focus.  Be prepared to do more than you expected you could do.

Classes are set up to learn techniques and progressions for each obstacle, have an enjoyable time and burn calories.  Students will develop strength and endurance with our classes while also setting goals and building relationships with other students!

Campers will experience life as a true Ninja Warrior as they receive tips and progressions to successfully overcome many obstacles.  Camp will culminate with our own Ninja Logic Camp Course where campers will use what they learned all week to achieve Total Victory!


Christmas/ Winter Camp will be held over the holiday break from 9 am - 12 pm, in December 28-30th $80

2020 Summer Camp will be held weekly from 9 am - 12 pm, August 3-7


Each week of camp will cost $165/ per camper.

camps sell out quick, don't delay!

Homeschool     Adaptive PE

We have experienced staff and will be able to assist both aspiring and experienced ninjas. Student learners of all ages alike will be able to challenge their abilities as they enjoy the newest workout craze.


We are interested in providing the homeschool families in the area of Pennsylvania, as well as Maryland the opportunity to complete their Physical Education credit. 




Mon- Level !: 5:30-6:30pm

Level 2: 7:00-8:00pm


Wed-  6-8 pm


Fri- 6-8 pm

Sat- 10am-12pm

Sun- 1:30-3:30pm

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