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Ninja Logic is a 7,000 square foot facility filled with obstacles inspired by the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior.

Ninja Logic boasts three warped walls, an interchangeable bar structure that changes weekly, a spring floor, a rock wall, a salmon ladder, a fry ladder, floating steps, rings, and so much more.

With an experienced staff, Ninja Logic will be able to assist both aspiring and experienced ninjas.  Kids and adults alike will be able to challenge their abilities as they enjoy the newest workout craze.

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Mike Keefer

  • Owner of Ninja Logic

  • Certified Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Endurance athlete specializing in distance training

  • "Ninjaneer" who has created nearly all our obstacles

Chad Riddle

  • 2-Time American Ninja Warrior Competitor

  • 5+ years of experience coaching Ninja Warrior of both adults and youth

  • Former Kindergarten Teacher/ Current First Grade teacher in the community

Eric Rinehart

  • Experienced coach in a wide array of sports

  • Our "Jack of All Trades" for design and creativity

  • Adventure race participant for over 20 years

"We brought our three kids to open gym ages 12, 10 and 7. They had the best time and can't wait to go back. Fun place and great employees. I mean who doesn't want to be a ninja!"

Craig H. (12/18)

"We went tonight with our son and some friends and had a blast! The owner Mike was so nice and helpful! Chad was also there and took time to coach and encourage my son on the warped wall. After MANY attempts he finally made it up and you’d have thought he won the lottery! Thank you Mike and Chad for everything- we’ll definitely be back!"

Amy W. (7/18)

Definitely worth the 45-minute drive! My kids loved it and the staff was very helpful and friendly!

Alicia Z. (7/18)

My son keeps asking to go back! He attends the homeschooling weekly sessions and loves it! He can't wait until he's able to make it to the top of the wall! The kids encourage each other and it's so fun to watch!

Jenna E. (9/18)

My son came to the gym for the first time today for a birthday party. He came out of the gym asking to come back tomorrow and hasn't stopped talking about going back all night. Mike was very patient and friendly with the kids, not to mention being a capable athlete able to demonstrate all of the parts of the course and explain the technique to the kids.

William C. (10/18)


Mon- 6:30-8:30, 7-9 pm 

Wed- 10 am-12 pm, 1-3 pm, 6-8 pm

Thurs- 10 am-12 pm, 1-3 pm

Fri- 6-8 pm

Sat-10 am-12 pm

Sun-1:30-3:30 pm

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