We are excited to host our SEASON 8 World Ninja League qualifying events.  All 3 competitions will follow the below schedule.  Be sure to complete the Athlete Info form and also follow the link to register and pay for each comp you wish to attend at Ninja Logic.  We are hosting each kind of comp and we hope to see you for all 3 types of comps!  The schedule will follow the day/ time listed below for each comp.


9a- 12p   Teen 

1 - 4p      Young Adult/ Adult/ Master

4 - 7p      Elite (ONLY Jan 8th)


9a - 12p    Kids   

1 - 4p        Mature Kids  

4 - 7p        Pre-Teen  

1st WNL Qualifier

October 22-23, 2022


Register for       FULL COURSE

2nd WNL Qualifier

January 7-8, 2023


Register for      FLOW COURSE

3rd WNL Qualifier

March 18-19, 2023


Register for   SKILLS

Athlete Info Form - Ninja Logic's World Ninja League Competitions

Step 1: Complete form for EACH ATHLETE for EACH COMP

Step 2: REGISTER and PAY for EACH COMP (in order to be registered for any comp, you must pay for the comp in our Mindbody shop)

NOTE: Click for MindBodyMust be registered for each comp in Mindbody and have paid for each comp that you wish to attend.   *IF you have not paid, complete this form below then go to MINDBODY TO REGISTER & PAY


REDEMPTION: Each division wave will have the opportunity for redemption on the obstacles after their wave. Amount of time to be determined at end of each comp, but there will be redemption! Only those athletes who have participated in the wave will be permitted on the obstacles.

ALL DIVISIONS:  Run Order will be posted when available (at latest night prior) and video will be provided in advance

Follow our Facebook event: All information will be posted on the event page.

Rule and Registration Competition Information, Please read:

  1.  Wave Check-In will open 15 minutes prior.

  2. Redemption will be immediately after the last athlete in wave. 

  3. Podium and awards for each division will follow their redemption time.

***All athletes must complete the Season 8 (WNL) World Ninja League waiver as well as the Ninja Logic waiver (unless you have prior).  A Ninja Works ID # must also be provided for each participant.  Competitors age on Jan 1, 2023, will determine age division. 


WNL recognizes 3 official formats for competitions. Below are the names of each format and a simple description of the format. The description is meant to describe the format and is not intended as a set of rules to govern the format:

a. Skills: Athletes rotate between multiple obstacle stations. Each station features an obstacle series or skill. Athlete’s performance on each skill is considered when ranking athletes.

b. Flow Course: Athletes attempt multiple obstacle series in a “course” The athlete that makes it the furthest through the course without failing an obstacle will be ranked the highest.

c. Full Course: Athletes attempt every obstacle series in a course within a given time limit. Athletes will be ranked by their performance on each obstacle series in the course.

Please be sure you have completed all the necessary forms. If you have not done so, please make sure you have completed your NNL Waiver for the new season. The link can be found on the main page of their website

Only CERTIFIED coaches will be permitted on the competition floor with the athlete. All other spectators must remain in the designated viewing areas only.  

Event will be live-streamed on the National Ninja League Facebook page

The Competition results, Leaderboard and Run Order will be available on their website under results.

Awards will be presented at the end of each wave of each Division. If you are not present to collect your award, it will be mailed to you.

Cancellations are non-refundable after 1 week prior to comp date.