Party & Private Events

ALL BIRTHDAY PARTY packages are based on

1 Ninja Birthday child + 11 ninja guests for 2-hours



  • $10 each additional participating ninja (for all parties)

  • $10 each additional large cheese pizza (to the Extreme Ninja Package ONLY)

  • $100 Guest Ninja Appearance [Kindergarten Ninja, Chad Riddle/ Cystic Ninja, Brandon McWilliams]



Includes ULTIMATE NINJA plus:


  • NinjaWorks System:

    • Obstacle Course Racing

    • Race the ninja timer and buzzer!

  • 2 large pizzas

  • Ninja Party Settings (plate, napkin, tablecloths)

  • T-shirt for Birthday Ninja

  • ​1 goodie bag for each participant:

    • 20oz. Ninja Logic Water Bottle

    • Certificate of completion

    • Strong band 

    • bottle of water

  • *Provide Your Own Dessert

Request to Book

Thank you for contacting Ninja Logic. We will be in contact to answer/ confirm an available date for your request.




  • Ninja Logic Instructor ~ 45 min.

  • Obstacle Instruction for all participants

  • 2 hr. Use of Birthday Party Room

  • For each participant:

  • Certificate of Completion

  • 1 ninja strong band

  • 1 bottle of water 

  • *Provide Your Own Food and Dessert​

basic NINJA


Party will be during Open Gym hours.  Use of all of the ninja obstacles in the facility.

  • 2 hr. Use of Birthday Party Room

  • 1 Strong band for each participant

  • 1 bottle of water for each participant

  • *Provide Your Own Food and Dessert​


**Important**  Each participant must have a waiver filled out by THEIR PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN.  If you are bringing other children to your party, please have the parent fill out the online waiver beforehand.

  • Obstacles are best suited for Ages 6+

  • Removal of all items and clean up of party room is required by SCHEDULED End of Time (Room requires cleaning/ setup for next event)

    • Unless party or individual pays an additional fee to remain, all participants will need to exit the gym and party room immediately at end of the event

  • PARENT/ LEGAL GUARDIAN MUST COMPLETE WAIVER FOR CHILD. If bringing other children, complete waiver ahead of time for issue free experience. (click waiver at the bottom of page)

[Private Event]

Looking for a fun space to host your next youth retreat or large event?  Reserve Ninja Logic for your private event.  We will work with you closely to design a package that fits all your needs.  Since this is such a customizable package, quote prices will vary based on size of group and amount of time! Please contact us through our contact tab, so we can better understand your needs.

[Team Building/Corporate Event]

We also specialize in helping teams come together with enhanced communication.  We have a variety of team-oriented obstacles where members must work critically together to solve the challenge.  Activities will be chosen by guests and may include “Pass the Ninja,” “Human Knot,” “Floor is Lava,” “Ninja Warrior Obstacles,” and much more!  Since this is such a customizable package, quote prices will vary based on the size of the group and amount of time!  Please contact us through the REQUEST TO BOOK A PARTY/EVENT, so we can start planning your next event!