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Add Ons: 1 bearing bar mount (holes cut, bearings not included)


This large hold will provide versatile hang possibilities.  Use as a 'wing nut' (top bearing); Use as a 'propeller' (middle bearing); Use as a 'splat" (top bearing insert peg)


Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom work to be completed.

Swing & Spin

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Pop & Hold wood obstacles are made of Baltic Birch, NO VOID plywood 23 ply and 1 1/4" thick.  They are cut to shape, routed and sanded smooth; Primed and  hand painted with UV quality oil enriched enamel for you to enjoy through the years.  They are  ready for you to hang and hold right out of the box.

    You should always consider bringing wood based holds indoors when not using them for long periods of time.  We recommend keeping them in a safe dry area or bin when not being used.  

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